CDC Plumbing and Drainage has been looking at the bigger picture concerning the safety of its workers. In particular, over the last few years the issue of mental health and suicide have been a focus.

With construction workers about 6 times more likely to die from suicide than from a workplace incident, CDC Plumbing and Drainage looked for opportunities to improve this.

The MATES in Construction program was identified as the program best suited to the needs of CDC’s South Australian workers.

During 2014 CDC in South Australia achieved the goal of having all of its employees, including management, office staff and group training apprentices complete the General Awareness Training component of the MATES in Construction program. CDC also had four employees trained as Connectors and one ASSIST trained worker.

Soon after, MATES in Construction recognised CDC South Australia as being a MATES in Construction accredited employer – the first on the New Royal Adelaide Hospital site and hopefully just one of many to become accredited over coming months.

The whole of the South Australian division of the CDC Plumbing and Drainage is now MATES in Construction accredited while the Queensland division (Beavis & Bartels) is now also involved in the program.