apg has for many years focused on giving back to the community and has been very privileged to play a supporting role in assisting some outstanding charities who provide assistance to people in need.

With mental illness touching so many people either directly or indirectly, apg set about exploring opportunities to partner with an organisation that focused on promotion and support to the construction industry that are directly affected by mental health issues.  Through a recommendation from a staff member, I met Godfrey Baronie and learnt more about Mates in Construction.

The focus of Mates in Construction was a perfect fit for apg Homes as they not only focus on suicide prevention and mental health promotion, but specifically target addressing the needs of the people at the forefront of our Industry.

Mental Health awareness is receiving more attention than ever before but there is still a long way to go before the stigma attached to mental health issues is broken down.  This unfortunately leads many people to suffer in silence.

After meeting with Mates in Construction I was alarmed to learn that construction workers are more than twice as likely to attempt/commit suicide and six times more likely to die by suicide than through a workplace accident. What is equally as concerning is our youngest people are at the greatest risk with apprentices in construction two and a half times more likely to attempt/commit suicide than other young men their age.

The team at Mates in Construction are devoted to preventing suicide in the construction industry and with apg Homes being one of the market leaders in residential construction, it made perfect sense to support Mates in Construction and assist in breaking down the barriers to reduce this devastating trend.


Stuart Jeffs
General Manager

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