We at Boeing Plumbing, after more than two decades,  and the largest residential plumbing company in Western Australia, recognised a need for a more specific and personalised support system for our Tradesmen and staff. Here at Boeing Plumbing, we believe that our people are a part of something bigger… we have a culture where all of our team are encouraged and supported. So partnering with MIC was a perfect fit for a business like ours.

Recently we have been touched by a significant tragedy in our company. We utilised the MIC services and support for our staff who were dealing with the loss, which helped them to gain a better understanding of their grief. The MIC Support team have not only raised awareness for all of us at Boeing for the future but also aided us to move forward together as a company.

MIC support and training has been invaluable to us, and in 2016 we have taken the next step forward with our partnership and will be undertaking the ‘Connector Training’ for a select few staff members.

We are most grateful and would like to thank Godfrey and the staff at MIC for all your help and support this year and we look forward to continuing on with our partnership in 2016 and beyond.


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