Cbus is the leading industry superannuation fund for the building, construction and related industries, while also being a public offer fund, open to all Australians.

Cbus operates on a ‘profits to members’ basis and the fund exists to create value for members and aims to maximise members’ quality of life in retirement.  Cbus does this by enabling greater financial independence for members in their retirement and delivering related services.

Cbus is focussed on members’ best interests and that includes members’ financial, physical and mental health. Since 2006, Cbus has actively supported programs aimed at producing better health outcomes across our sector, with a focus on reducing the tragically high incidence of suicide.

We know that the delivery of on the ground, face to face prevention, awareness and support work is essential to addressing the issue of suicide in the building and construction community.

Cbus is proud to partner with Mates In Construction, to support their work in reducing suicide rates, and improving mental health and wellbeing within the Australian construction industry. MATES offer an important industry led approach to an industry problem, where it’s all about MATES helping mates.

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