DB Group Global is a privately owned and rapidly growing Australian service provider specialising in the industrial, resource and construction sectors. DB is regarded as one of Australia’s leading fully integrated industrial and construction companies and viewed by customer and competitors as a leader in its field. DB has a strong and continuously growing reputation as an expert business providing cost effective, safe and professional solutions to clients from multiple industries.

At DB our philosophy is that the professionalism and strength of our company is due to the quality of our people. From senior management right through to out branch and site management teams, our technical expertise and comprehensive range of capabilities ensure consistency of performance. Low staff turnover supported by ongoing training and commitment to career development has made DB an employer of choice.

DB i  committed to developing a diversified workforce whereby recognising the diversity and skills of the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cultures and the unique skills and knowledge that indigenous staff bring to the workforce, whilst giving back to the community.

DB is committed to the principles of non-discrimination, providing all employees with a work environment that is safe and equitable and free from harassment.

At DB we believe that expertise and leadership in any field should be shared and therefore have developed a mentoring and succession planning program whereby staff are identified and encouraged to participate in a training framework with the view that they could develop into the future leaders of the company.

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