In 1995 Mulherin Rigging and Cranes was formed with a new approach to “Getting the job done safely”.   From its incorporation MRCA has grown to be a specialist to many builders and large companies who require complex solutions to an ever changing industry.

Grown from humble beginnings MRCA has always understood the value of mates, not only for starting success, but to ensure the continuous growth of the company.  Because of MRCA’s success we have been invited into multiple industries that require the skills, solutions and quality work MRCA is known for.  From civil and commercial construction to mining and government projects MRCA have been developing and providing state of the art solutions for our clients.  Not only have we built a quality reputation in local, state and national projects but, have also expanded operations to offer services internationally and proudly represent Australia in off shore projects.

Our continued success is largely due to our mates and that’s why MRCA is proud to sponsor MATES in Construction.  The tireless efforts of the MATES in Construction Team are invaluable to the success of the construction industry and more importantly to the workers and their families.  Having mates around the world MRCA understands and continues to support and promote the work of MATES in Construction now and in the years to come.   We would like to thank the teams and other sponsors who make MATES in Construction possible and to the workers and their families for being a part of this great industry.

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