Industry Partnership Program

MATES in Construction are in the process of exponential growth. The expansion of the program to NSW, SA and WA and its rapid adoption by the industry in these States, has resulted in an increased need for financial support nationally.

MATES in Construction’s policy is not to charge construction companies for the service as this reduces the perceived independence and confidentiality essential for the effective delivery of suicide prevention and mental health support to on-site workers.

Construction companies currently gain the benefits of the program in site safety and better mental health outcomes for their workforce, at no cost!

Some, but not all major construction companies, unions and other industry organisations currently donate funds to support MATES in Construction, without specific recognition of their generosity.

The Industry Partner Program has been developed to provide a means for organisations within the building and construction industries to give financial support to MATES in Construction and to receive industry recognition for this support.

Check out our current partners here!

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