John came to us with a story of hope and inspiration in an attempt to help out his son Travis. You could help Travis as well by voting for him for Tradie of the year!

My son , Travis returned from Western Australia and couldn’t get out of bed. I assumed the 12 hours a day, 7 days a week had taken a toll on him. He didn’t really improve over the following 12 months and the  Doctor wasn’t really seeing any improvements even though my son was adamant they didn’t have a correct diagnosis and being on incorrect medications. It really hits you when you can’t do what you are used too and feel like it’s never going to get any better. He kept pushing for tests and the first break through came when he was confirmed as having had Ross River Virus. Another 6 months later and small improvements and also confirmation of severe chronic fatigue and heavy metal containment’s. One of the worst things was knowing yourself that something was physically wrong but no-one able to tell you what was wrong.


Things are still not right, there are small improvements and it will probably be another 12 months before he will be back to his old self. It has been made easier with the help of organisations like Mates in Construction who have provided help when it was needed. I want to thank them for being there , after hours, late at night/week ends and getting back to assist my son. I put together the above collage with a number of things my son has built from a pedal car, grandfather clock, hovercraft, roofed decks, reno’s to show his abilities and ask for your help as I have entered him in the Home Hardware, ‘Tradie of the year’. I entered  late and need some 1500 votes in the next 10 days. It you can assist by voting for him, or know of anyone who will the link is

Thank you very much.



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