MIC Kokoda 2015 at Owers' Corner

This year close to 40 trekkers took part in the MATES in Construction Kokoda trek.

The group managed to raise a total of $137,152.80. What an amazing effort! The Kokoda Trek is a place of significance for many Australians and seems to have a profound effect upon those people that experience the trek. Meet four of our trekkers below …

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Scott Dillon from New South Wales took on the trek as a way of challenging himself. Scott’s mates and family were very supportive of his taking the Kokoda Trek challenge. He trained with a personal trainer and took on walking and strength training in preparation for the trek. Along the way Scott managed to lose 12 kilos, an added bonus!

Page 3 - Kokoda picture of Les

Les McLaughlan is the ETU WA Secretary and a proud supporter of MATES in Construction in Western Australia. Les wanted to raise awareness of the high suicide numbers in the construction industry and thought what better way to do that than by trekking Kokoda. Les’ preparations for the trek even wore out his faithful companion Rebus (his border collie).

Page 3 - Kokoda picture of kassy Clark

CSQ Customer Service Officer, Kassy Clark, had no experience on hiking before taking on the Kokoda trek, but now she loves it! Kassy wanted to raise awareness of the work of MATES in Construction as well as achieving a personal goal of overcoming the mental and physical challenges that the trek brings.

Ross beavear cropped

Randstad held a competition amongst its workers for their place on the Kokoda Trek. Ross Bevear from South Australia was the lucky winner. Ross was supported by his fellow Randstad colleagues across Australia. This was in addition to the other fundraising that Radstad has undertaken for MATES in Construction over the year.

Ross commented to On-Site that he hopes everyone gets the opportunity to not only walk the same footsteps as our diggers once did in 1942, but to gain the sense of pride, experience the emotional journey and also the overwhelming sense of self-achievement the trek brings with it.
“It was just a huge humbling experience, I couldn’t recommend highly enough,” Ross said.

Of course, we thank all our wonderful trekkers who raised such a significant amount of funds for MATES in Construction.
We must mention the support of BERT – the Building Employees Redundancy Trust in Queensland. BERT has been a long-time supporter of MATES in Construction and as its founding member has continued to support the program. BERT had two staff trek Kokoda. Unfortunately BERT’s third trekker, Peter Close, had to pull out at the last minute due to injury but he is super keen to trek next year. Bill Wallace and Amanda Arrowsmith (her second trek for MATES) managed to make it through. Amanda Arrowsmith also provided significant administrative and managerial support in the lead up to the trek. BERT assisted with the official launch of the Kokoda trek and were pivotal in encouraging the industry to participate. They also held a golf day on a unusually cold morning in Queensland, which raised the majority of the team’s total.

Thank you BERT and thank you to the trekkers.

Is trekking Kokoda on your bucket list? Are you keen to experience a once in a lifetime adventure while supporting MATES in Construction? Click here to express your interest in the 2016 MATES in Construction Kokoda Trek.

Thank you to Wade Adams for the fantastic photos.

MIC Kokoda 2015 at Owers' Corner