We quite often get asked if we can train at unusual times and sometimes in unusual places. The simple answer is yes. By working collaboratively together, appreciating both the company’s/sites and MIC’s availability we are able to deliver training which suits all involved.

The photo above shows the flexibility involved with the delivery of a General Awareness Training (GAT) on a cold winter’s day in a lay down area on a Fulton Hogan site. These workers were given the opportunity by their employer to undertake training in respect to their Mental Health and well-being. Even though there were not crib rooms or a training facility, Fulton Hogan was able to create a space to train in.

Having had the opportunity to train over 7500 people in the last 3 years, here are some examples of places that we have trained; Adelaide Oval, basements to top storeys on high rise construction sites, beside submarines, board rooms, crib rooms, lecture theatres and RTO training rooms. We have also trained in rural and remote areas.

We are flexible in training times for instance; before and after pre-starts, toolboxes, inductions, meetings and site BBQs. Training times can be arranged with the field officers to best suit your construction requirements and timelines.

If you would like to become involved with the MIC program please contact one of our field officers. Remember anytime, anyplace. We are here to help you look after the most important asset a company has, its workforce.