Photo (left to right): Matt Cole (field officer), Brett Hughes (site manager), Rosemary Brickhill (case manager), Bobby West (safety supervisor), Stan Staugas (safety supervisor).

Hansen Yuncken, Connectors Brett Hughes, Bobby West and Stan Staugas from the Flinders Medical Centre project are currently working together with MATES in Construction SA on an excellent idea to gain site accreditation.

As part of the Hansen Yuncken commitment to the MATES program, Brett, Bobby and Stan have been working hard towards gaining accreditation for their site.

So after brainstorming a few different ideas, Bobby came up with a quite impressive and innovative way to visually showcase their progress in the form of a sign.

The sign indicates the number of people trained on site, who their Connectors are and future training dates.  The Connectors believe the sign will help to raise further awareness to look out for your mate on site and promote a safer working environment for the most valued asset in the construction industry, its workforce.

What an excellent idea!