Our Vision

To be Australia’s leading industry suicide prevention organisation focusing on raising awareness, building capacity, providing help and research.

Our Mission

Utilising the capacity of our members and franchises, we achieve our vision by focusing on:


Effective and direct communication with all levels of the industries in which we operate through Newsletters, Training, Connector and Assist worker network, MATES Events and Toolbox Talks


Actively engaging the industry in sustainable programs such as the Life Skills Tool Box, MATES in Construction programs, SafeTALK, ASIST, Staying Connected aimed at building self-reliance and resilience within the industry as well as developing networks, links and communities within workplaces.

Providing Help

Case management that connects workers to help by using existing services; and ensuring the help is both practical and useful.


Gathering data, partnering with research institutions to provide useful, insightful, and practical information back to the industry through the MATES in Construction Board.

Our Values

  • Proactive and Responsive
  • Supportive and Non-judgmental
  • Committed and Dependable
  • Honest and Respectful