Australian Post Tensioning have a strong commitment to service excellence and customer relations, and are a key provider of a variety of Post Tensioning services across Australia.

From advice and in-house design, through to engineering and implementation, AusPT provide a complete service, ensuring quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

AusPT have many dedicated team members with invaluable knowledge, experience and drive, ensuring that they continue to operate and grow, establishing long-term relationships with clients and providing improved on-site performance.

AusPT are proud to be associated with MATES in Construction as a leading mental health organisation specialising in the needs of construction workers in the industry.

Australian Post Tensioning aims to provide a safe, productive, efficient and positive workplace to all of our employees. AusPT understands the physical environment and working conditions our employees are exposed to, greatly impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals.

With this in mind, the mental and physical wellbeing, along with the overall safety of all AusPT employees is our paramount priority.

AusPT are proud to encourage the implementation of MATES in Construction within the workplace, and in turn encouraging the positive changes and awareness required in this High-pressure industry to continue to make safer workplaces for all.

AusPT hope to continue to build a strong relationship with MATES in Construction in the coming years.

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