AWJ Civil aspires to provide value to our clients through our Project Partner Model. We offer innovative engineered solutions while comprehensively satisfying project objectives. As your project partner, AWJ Civil proves to be at the emerging forefront for all of Sydney’s civil works.

Committed to safety, the environment, program, quality and budget, AWJ offers all services in Civil Engineering, Environmental Remediation, Government & RMS works, Project Management, Mine Remediation and Rehabilitation.


2017 marks 30 years of experience, growth and knowledge. During these 30 years, AWJ have formed strong relationships with Australia’s leading building companies on some of Sydney’s largest projects including Lend Lease (AWD & LHD projects), Fraser Property Group (Horsley Drive Business Park), John Holland (Defense Logistics Transportation Project) and Boral (Quarrywest Infrastructure Works). We strive to lead the way with a strong ambition to push Sydney’s construction works into a new era of growth and prosperity. To achieve this goal, AWJ Civil recognises the importance of increasing support networks and improving the mental welfare of our workers.

And now AWJ Civil is pleased to announce an industry partnership with Mates In Construction. AWJ Civil is proud to be associated with Mates In Construction, increasing awareness, mental health support and improving the well-being of our industry’s workers into the future.

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