Bingo Industries is an ASX listed recycling and waste management company with operations in NSW and Victoria. Bingo provides end-to-end solutions across the waste management supply chain including: bin hire, waste collection, processing, separation and recycling.
Bingo services more than 18,000 customers including some of Australia’s leading construction and infrastructure companies, government and public and private companies. Through continual innovation and investment in technology, Bingo is helping businesses and communities achieve their sustainability goals. This is the ‘Bingo Way’ – landfill diversion, recycling, and helping to create a circular economy.
We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our people. Our daily business would not be possible without the input and energy from the men and women in our business. Just as our fleet of trucks break down from time to time, so do people.
The suicide statistics in the construction industry are alarming and need to be addressed. As a supplier to the industry, and with a workforce that has similar workplace attributes – long hours, tight deadlines, times of isolation and loneliness – we believe we need and have a responsibility to do something. Something more than ticking a compliance form.
We support the work of MATES. We want to play a role in reducing suicide in the industry, and where workers and their families have quick access to support.

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