No one needs to face their problems alone.

The Electrical Trades Union is made up of workers who have organised themselves into the Union to solve problems that they can’t solve on their own. We know that as a group, we have more power than individuals and with that power we can petition employers to respond to the issues that concern us in our working lives. The ETU was founded in 1906 to safeguard the rights and entitlements of our membership and we continue this today through partnerships that improve the lives of the people in our Industry.

Addressing the complex issue of suicide prevention and mental health is a cause the ETU is committed to and we are proud to contribute to the services MATES in Construction provide.


ETU members are employed throughout many areas of the workforce covering not only construction but utilities, hospitals, manufacturing and education services to name a few.

The extensive range our membership covers means the effects of suicide and mental health are widely felt and the ETU actively encourages our members to reach out and support each other.

The ETU welcomes the practical support MATES in Construction provides not only to our members but also to the broader community.”

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