Goodline operates in many parts of Australia including permanent facilities in northern WA, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland. Our dedicated workforce are highly skilled and dynamic. We work in smaller communities and remote locations often in challenging environments.

Like many other companies and communities in Australia, Goodline has its fair share of people experiencing mental health challenges. Over many years we have provided employees and families support and specialised services including in mental health. In some cases we have found ourselves asking if sufficient had been done early enough to catch the person in need of help. Looking back on some of the cases we now recognise the unflagged opportunities to provide assistance earlier. The wellbeing of all Goodline people is paramount and it was this early missing link in understanding mental health that drove us to find someone who could help us.

Goodline has entered into a formal arrangement with Mates In Construction (MIC) for the provision of support and education services for mental health needs of the Goodline work force. This is a proactive plan aimed at improving the Goodline community’s ability to identify and assist people at an early stage when they may need help.

MIC services will provide Goodline a capability to assist employees and family members much sooner, hopefully dealing with an issue long before it spirals out of control and possibly beyond the reach of preventative help.

Our existing Employee Assistance Scheme will continue with the MIC program complimenting it. This enhancement will provide mental health education and awareness needs, including early engagement, for the Goodline community . Our objective is the upgrade of Goodline’s mental health support for employees and families through a suite of training and education programs for all employees. In addition Goodline will be able to tap into the MIC network of counsellors and support officers.

Goodline looks forward to having a mental health strategy that is focused on prevention without compromising the support and services to the whole Goodline community. Through the MIC partnership we aim to have a team of trained personnel who, under the guidance of MIC, can respond proactively to people in need. All done without compromising the privacy and confidentiality afforded all Goodline personnel.

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