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Kokoda Trek 2016


10th September

They did it! All our wonderful MIC Kokoda 2016 Trekkers are now back at the hotel having a shower and a well earned rest.

Today they departed Uberi around 6am and climbed down to the Goldie River crossing before climbing to Owers’ Corner.  From there they headed by bus to Bomana War Cemetery to pay their respects. They are now unpacking their trek gear at the Crown Plaza hotel and tonight will have a celebration dinner.

Reminder to all our amazing family & friends meeting the team at the airport tomorrow (Sunday the 11th) that they will be in around 9.25am so we look forward to seeing you there.

We hope you have enjoyed following the team’s journey and we know you will all be excited to welcome them home and hear about their epic adventure.

Keep smiling and thanks for all your support of the trek team, MIC and their vital work in the construction industry.

8th September

A special day for the team today being R U OK Day and MATES in Construction’s Fly the Flag day. The team spent some time today to commemorate these special occasions.

From their night locations the teams travelled through swamp areas and again crossed the Brown River before starting their ascent. Around morning tea time they took a break in the lovely village of Nauro with stunning views out over the valley.

From here the team battled the elements to climb the infamous 9 False Peaks of the Maguli Range.  This is a long, difficult section of the track where just when you think you have reached the top of a climb another larger climb seems to appear right before your eyes!  You can imagine they were really happy to arrive at their night locations of Iroibaiwa Village (Group One) and Ofi Creek (Group 2) tonight and to take advantage of the local water holes nearby to enjoy a swim and to have a rest this evening.

Tomorrow both teams will be aiming to reach Uberi by nightfall where they will re-unite.  This will mean tackling two of the most difficult ridges of the Track Ioribaiwa Ridge and Imita Ridge with numerous crossings of Ua-Ule Creek in between. The terrain and topography have been making communication brief over the past few nights but we were able to pass on your messages which the team appreciated. If we are able to get a connection with them tomorrow night we will be passing on the fundraising total to help motivate them through the last day of the track.

7th September

Today the MIC crew had a very emotional day.  Both teams spent time and a beautiful service at the top of Brigade Hill to remember our fallen heroes. What an amazing experience for the teams! The river crossing coming into Aguru guest house area at Brown River is pictured above.

Matt’s team (Green team) have set up camp at Brown River and reports from them today are “really hot and tough going up Menari Gap” – what champions they are! On the map below their night location is approximately half way between The Wall and Nauro village.

Mary’s team (Blue team) have set up their camp at Menari. “When they arrived they were greeted by villagers with cake!! And loads of kids to meet.” Which was so amazing for them after such a challenging day.

Both teams are in high spirits despite a day with many highs and lows. They are doing an amazing job. Here at Aurora HQ we are so proud of every trekker, as I’m sure you all are too!

So far this extraordinary team have raised an amazing $173,902.81 for MATES in Construction with funds still coming in everyday.  If you wish to make a donation or would like to pass on the donating details to a friend or post it on your social media page to spread the word here is the link to the MIC fundraising website to support the team on their quest to help their MATES in the industry.

6th September

The teams set off from Templeton’s Crossing 1 & 2 had some amazing views today looking over where they have walked so far as they checked out the view from the Kokoda Gap. From there they climbed up to reach the highest point on the track, Mt Bellamy at 2250 metres. They then climbed down to 1900 Creek for morning tea and moved through the Moss Forest past the Kagi junction.

The Green group have reached their night location at Efogi Village so are now just over half way! The Blue group have pulled up stumps a bit earlier on the track at Naduri.

Our trekkers are doing an amazing job, dealing with a lot of rain and really muddy conditions, but they are in really good form and spirits. All are very excited to have hit their half way milestone.

Everyone on Track sends their love to you all and a big thank-you for your overwhelming support for their fundraising adventure.

5th September

After a steep descent down from Alola the team headed toward Eora Creek, the site of a Regimental Aid Post during the Battle of Kokoda. From there they climbed out of the creek line and toward Templeton’s crossing.  The Green Group (Matt’s group) have proceeded to Templeton’s crossing 1 at the base of Mt Bellamy and The Blue Group (Mary’s group) have set up camp for the night at Templeton’s 2 on the creek line. It is getting harder, but they are still in great form.  They really appreciated the messages that were sent through.

Reports from today are “Muddy, Muddy, Muddy + having a great time!!”

Tomorrow the team will cross the highest point of the trek, at the summit of Mt Bellamy at 2250 metres then proceed toward their half way point of the trek at Efogi Village.

4th September

The team had a bright and early start for their first full day on the Track. They started at Kokoda Station, making their way through Hoi and Deniki then up to Isurava Village for lunch. From the village they trekked across to the Isurava Battlefield and had a moving service at the memorial there (pictured above). Mary’s group (Blue Group) set up camp here for the night, whilst Matt’s group (Green Group) made their way to Alola Village (pictured below, right) where they pulled up stumps for the night.

The trekkers had a really hot day today with some rain at lunch time making for a muddy trek! Everyone is doing extremely well and in great spirits!

We have passed on all your well wishes to the team and for all the Fathers out there ‘Happy Father’s Day’ from all the MIC trek team on Track and from everyone here at Aurora HQ.  We hope you have had a wonderful day Dads!

3rd September 2016

Today the team flew from Port Moresby to Popendetta and then transferred out to to Kokoda Station, a very significant battle field during the campaign in 1942. Here they walked around the plateau, and went through the artefacts museum before hearing a battle briefing about the Battle for Kokoda whilst standing ‘in history’ on the Kokoda Plateau. This is a truly moving place on the track and was the scene of one of the first battles of the Kokoda campaign. They also spent some time cooling off in the river after a game of touch football.

The team will stay at Kokoda Station tonight before hitting the Track bright and early tomorrow morning where they will pass through Deniki and hope to reach either Isurava Battleground or Alola Village by night fall.

2nd September 2016

After weeks of training, the MATES in Construction 2016 Kokoda Trek team left Brisbane this morning on their way to Papua New Guinea to trek the 96km Kokoda Trail. At the time of their departure, these champions have raised $169,000 for MATES in Construction.

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