MATES in Construction values the 13,720 construction workers who have volunteered their time to become a Connector or ASIST worker.

By being a Connector or ASIST worker you have become the ‘go-to’ person when someone on site is doing it tough.

Your support and dedication is something MATES in Construction recognises as a big commitment and we thank you for continuing to provide that support to your fellow workers and the MATES in Construction program.

We always love hearing your stories, if you have one to tell, please Contact Us!

Another avenue for volunteering and telling your story is through the MATES in Construction Speakers Bureau.

This is a joint venture between MATES in Construction and Roses in the Ocean.

If you have been touched by suicide and would like to tell your story then the MATES in Construction Speakers Bureau might be for you.

First you will need to express an interest by completing the registration form linked below.

Please be aware that the Lived Experience Speakers Bureau program is currently being re-structured and all training has currently been put on hold. Please still apply and we will contact you once the program is up and running again.

After successfully completing the workshop you may be called on to speak at various events as the basis of the speakers bureau is to encourage people to tell their story and talk about mental health and suicide without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

A MATES site champion is a worker at whatever level of the organisation who advocates for MATES on site and within the company; supports MATES activity on site from training to Fly the Flag, Kokoda, Toolbox, connecting people to help and takes the MATES message from one site to their next site

You can become the next site champion just by getting us out onto your site.